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Home-cooked menu with balanced nutritional meals

We don’t add any preservatives, keep low sugar level, arrange plates with a rich choice of healthy products. We are proud to eat together with kids and be a real example!

At POWER TOTS we care about what children eat, carefully creating menu with well-balanced meals. We provide three meals daily: breakfast at 8.30-9.00 am, lunch at 12.00-12.30 pm, and snack at 4.00-4.30 pm. We don’t use artificial flavors, trying to keep adequate sugar level in snacks, and mainly we select the best product options on market. Our family is living relatively healthy lifestyle, so it’s very easy and natural for us to reflect those healthy options that we select on all kids in our daycare.

Some things that we think are more healthy for kids:

  • Mostly our menu consists of home-cooked meals
  • We serve meat 3 or sometimes even 4 times a week during breakfast or lunch. (Comparing to other daycare centers – it’s a lot!) 
  • Each Monday/Tuesday we prepare soups. Each soup is made on home-made chicken/vegetable broth with no added chemicals! 
  • We don’t serve juice, candies, crackers. As well as we have a rule not to bring these items in our daycare. 
  • We use yogurt with no artificial flavorings

Balanced Daily Meals

High-quality products

Develop healthy eating habits

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