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Welcome to a peaceful and calm home environment 

We dedicated 90% of our house to kids, providing three rooms: main area, napping room, art & crafts room, and a big beautiful backyard.

Our Facilities

🚀 Main Play Area 🧸

Big Main Play Area with toys, learning materials, tables and chairs. We also love preparing lots of home “obstacle courses” for kids to play on. We have a huge amount of educational materials for ages 0-6 years old. All our toy shelves are clean and each toy has own basket/bin. Kids play and we teach them to put toys back to their own place. Painting stand, play dough station, reading nook, dramatic play area, and so on.

👩🏼‍🎨 Arts & Crafts Room 🎨

This room is equipped with all art materials needed, as well as toys for dramatic play, books, puzzles, matching cards, tunnel, big play kitchen, and more.

🌟 Nap Room 🛌

This room is our favorite one as it’s so cozy; kids don’t want to leave after a nap=). Infants sleep in standard full-size cribs, while older kids sleep on plastic mats fitted with sheets. Before and after a nap we love reading books, play with matching cards, puzzles and flashcards.

🐞 Backyard 🌳

We have a pretty big outside area with a miniature track & field in the backyard.

Surrounded by a circular walkway for running and riding scooters and bikes, a big green field for playing with sand and mud, exploring bugs and flowers, riding the slide.

Also, check out some highlights of kids’ daily learning tasks

Kids are in the highest priority.

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