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Our Caregivers

Polina Fridberg

Main Caregiver, Owner

Born on Sep 1990


+ 1 (760) 586-8053

Operate in Carlsbad

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During my whole life I’m connected somehow to kids and serving to them the way I can. 

During many years I was serving in church in teenage department, then serving in toddler room, helped to organize numerous conferences and summer camps for kids of all ages. 

I was doing a lot of marketing and design projects during the last 10 years as for my clients as for myself. One of them was creating granola for kids with special characters to make kids’ morning brighter. I was fascinated with the world of childhood, how their imagination works! It’s when I started dreaming about the way I can educate kids to explore this world and make them happy every day. 

After that I created a big activity book for 1-2 Grades with phonics, math and science exercises. It took me almost 4 months during my pregnancy to do granular research of different curriculums, teaching methods, and finally to complete the book. I enjoyed working on creation of bright illustrations and exercises. I put all my soul into that, and feelings of pleasure, inner satisfaction and happiness proved to me that I need to continue my journey in the field of kids education. 

Dreaming about the way I can educate kids to explore this world and make them happy every day.

Now our son is almost 3 years old and I see how he is so demanding in a positive way. I see a real interest in logical tasks, sports, art, stories from my son.

All combined experience and sparkling eyes of my son gave me a huge motivation to open a daycare and create a blended program with a focus on real needs of kids. 

We focus on teaching phonics, math, language, science, arts, natutal science and story-time, drama play as well as doing lots of physical exercises, and playing musical instruments. Most of the time kids are outdoors as we make lots of fun and learning activities in our backyard. We prepared dedicated zone for each subject so every kid can have some space to focus and think.

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