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  • Hours: 8 am – 5 pm

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About Us

Who we are

Power Tots is home-based child daycare in Carlsbad, California

Working Hours

Monday – Friday

7.30 am – 5 pm


Rancho Carrillo Neighborhood

Carlsbad, CA

Small-Group Size

maximum of 8 kids

Healthy meals

✔️ Included!

Why choose Power Tots?

Beautiful purposefully prepared environment

We dedicated 90% of our house to kids by preparing separate rooms specifically for kids’ needs. First, the main play area filled with lots of daylight, in addition to modern natural wooden colors in our furniture pallette. Second, a beautiful cozy warm Nap Room with crib and mats. Kids sleep like at home! Third, Art & Crafts Room filled with materials and toys for dramatic play. Fourth, a big bright clean backyard that gives access to green grass, playing with bugs, exploring nature. 

Core values from first steps

At Power Tots we strive to teach kids with good important life values and good manners. We encourage everyone to talk openly about feelings, mood, attitude, good and bad words. Kids are like sponges feel each other and they are natural brilliant negotiators! Our job is to facilitate each kid’s personal growth and self-esteem.

Extensive Learning Activities

At Power Tots we are aiming to teach kids like our own! Tots are learning math, language, sensory, science, doing a lot of arts and crafts. All educational materials are self-contained in their own baskets/trays. Kids get used to disciplining at early stages, learn important life skills, good manners. For example, kids in our daycare clean up all toys themselves (with our little help and direction), pour water into cups to drink, flush toilets, set up the table with glasses, plates, placemats, napkins; wipe tables after a meal, put all dishes on the kitchen, put dirty clothes/shoes in bins. 

Safe home environment

We believe the first few years in early childhood are the most important to develop self-esteem, communication skills and home environment for kids is the best place to focus, relax, and just be real power tots.

Small size group

We operate under the Small Size License which means we can only take maximum 6 or 8 kids at one time. This helps us to focus more on the individual life and academic needs of each kid. A mix of ages is a wonderful atmosphere where kids observe each other and learn easily. Each kid truly becomes a part of our family! ❤️

Partnering with families

We provide daily communication with parents where we post kids’ daily routine, funny moments, photos, videos as well as note new victories or challenges.

☎️ Call us! 

(760) 586 8053

We are available to answer your questions. 


Main Caregiver

Polina Fridberg is our main Caregiver and owner of Power Tots daycare. 

Polina created two workbooks for Preschoolers and Grade-1 with many tasks and exercises in phonics, math, geometry, tracing activities, logic, and memory. 

Polina has experience working with kids in church, summer camps, and home-based daycare. 

“My main advantage is that I truly understand kids and their needs by carefully observing how they react and learn.  I can engage a child in learning activities easily and make it a real fun as I create these games, design bright stylish Worksheets by myself based on the learning curriculum. I observe kids and their abilities and create exercises that help to overcome individual challenges and make small improvements daily. It’s our HUGE plus to be flexible in the learning process, not simply conduct a curriculum.  People who come to our house are impressed with cleanliness and freshness. I’m proud to serve kids with open hearts and with what I have.  Being a young mom and a teacher all in one is a pure blessing!”

Polina is a mom of a 3-year-old son. 

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. UCLA – Brand Management. 

Experience: more than 12 years of Marketing Experience in big corporations, agencies.

Languages: English, Russian.